Introductory statement from the Chairman of OSG

OSG has been involved in the supply of drilling associated tools & equipment since 2008 to all our customers satisfaction. 

OSG is driven by HSE policy and practice for safety and quality assurance, throughout our sphere of business.

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Company Profile

OSG was founded in 2008 under a partnership and is registered with both the LIB (Libyan Investment Board) and the Libyan Chamber of Commerce & Taxation Office.

OSG was formed as an Oilfield Service Company,  primarily in the drilling & workover sector, in compliance with all Libyan laws and regulations.

OSG has first hand experience and knowledge of the Operating companies within the Oil & Gas sector and is therefore the prime starting point from which your venture in to the Libyan market may commence successfully.

Our Values

  • Our people thrive on the challenge to excel in any environment. Their dedication to safety and customer service is our greatest strength
  • Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis of our competitive advantage
  • Our determination to produce superior profits is the cornerstone of our future independence of action and growth

Our Facilities

  • Warehouse, workshops and yard [30,000m2 total] is situated in Tripoli with excellent access to the highway system for port and desert destinations. 1650m2 dedicated to NSC c/w extensive inventory of specialized Fishing, Milling, Workover & Down Hole Tools and spare parts, as well as a fully equipped workshop with Break-Out unit, Jar Tester, Grinding Machine, Lathe Machine and Welding Machines”.
  • Modern furnished offices with security, telephones, fax and internet accessibility, close to commercial/business centres in town.
  • Spacious, clean & comfortable staff house accommodation providing meals, laundry service and security.
  • Vehicles for road/off-road use with experienced drivers.
  • Visas/work permits/medical certification for business and field personnel.
  • Meet and greet services at airports, business contacts and functions.

Our Associates

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